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Come on and ‘Pitch with Interest’ and ‘Tagline with Twist’ cause ‘When I write About You, I am right about you’.

My business I write Bio stories, poems, anecdotes, pitches, taglines and client stories ‘About You’ for women 40 plus who have experienced a life changing event such as illness, divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of work and now want to respectfully re-enter the work place after having spent a length of time out of their previous career path, or they want to start up a small business. I live in Queensland Australia.

I facilitate enjoyable, authentic private consultations or group workshops for these women during which I challenge and encourage progress to achieve FOCUS while respecting individual personalities and skill levels. During and afterward my clients connect and achieve FOCUS in the excitement and fun of collective success.

I establish FOCUS on First things First: Who are you, Why do you do What you do? This information defines your Originality & Uniqueness of what you do to catch people’s interest. Achieving Clarity of your Story enables you to fluently & confidently tell your story in conversation, on your website, on social media, in marketing material or on your business cards. I can even coach you on how to tell your story to engage your listener/s.

My poems are interesting pieces of the puzzle of life that I piece together as I connect with people.

I have qualifications in Chaplaincy, Community Service, Real Estate Sales, Finance and Mortgage Broker and I am currently studying Small Business Management. I write poetry, sing and play guitar. I volunteered as a Prison Chaplain for two years.

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